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I just wanted to say thank you! My daughter Ada and I had been attending your Tues morning class at the Wetland Centre for near on a year and we loved it! The class was great! It got me back into fitness after having Ada, allowed me to get some well needed fresh air in a wonderful setting and gave me the opportunity to meet other Mums in the same boat. It was a highlight of my week!

Clare H

I began coming to Pushbabies when my daughter Sam was 4 months old. I surprised myself (not being a particularly sporty or outdoor kind of person) by going almost every week - rain or shine (or on one memorable occasion, snow). The benefits I experienced from Pushbabies have been numerous: it got me out of the house, it helped get me back to pre-pregnancy weight, and I valued being in the company of the other wonderful mums who were all experiencing the same things I was. It's been great! Thank you Pauline!

Kate L

I started doing Pauline's Pushbabies class (when it used to be) at Chiswick House when my son was 8 weeks old. I could see the difference within a month - it definitely helped me to shift my pregnancy weight and tone the revolting bits! Pauline made the classes good fun and motivational, and there's now a core group of us who have become good friends as a result of striding round together. A great reason to get out into the fresh air with other Mums!

Sarah S






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