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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can exercise in and a pair of trainers. We recommend that you wear easily removable layers as you will get hot during the class, but when we stop you will need to put warm clothing on again. If the weather looks unsettled, it is a good idea to bring a waterproof for yourself as well as a rain-cover for your baby.

What should I bring?

It will significantly speed up your initial signing in process if you could download and complete page 1 of the P.A.R.Q. below and bring it with you the first time you come to Pushbabies. (You can complete the form on your computer by tabbing from field to field as you type - press return to put a tick in a check box).

What happens if it rains?

We get wet! Despite England’s reputation for rain, we have needed sunscreen more often than a waterproof! Classes are unlikely to be cancelled due to the weather – unless there's a hurricane or snow drifts! When it does rain, most Mums still show. We grab the buggies and off we go! Wherever we are the rain makes that cappuccino all the more rewarding after class!

How soon after the birth of my child can I come to Pushbabies?

Mothers should have had their 6 week post-natal check before attending PushBabies.

Can I do Pushbabies if I am pregnant?

Yes - Pushbabies is great exercise while you are pregnant. We are delighted to report that many Mums have done Pushbabies from when their first babies were 6 weeks old all the way through to being pregnant with Number 2! However it is always advisable to check with your healthcare professionals first, and to be aware of the contra-indications to exercise which you can find on page 2 of the P.A.R.Q., downloadable from the link below.

Do I need one of those big 3-wheeled 'jogger' style buggies?

No – most of our routes are on paths. The surface of the paths can vary according to the weather, but that is half the fun and is the nature of exercising in the big outdoors. Also Pushbabies does not involve any jogging. Obviously the heads of very small babies need to be well supported in their buggies at all times.

What sort of exercise is Pushbabies?

Pushbabies is a combination of cardiovascular, toning, strengthening, mobility and stretching exercises. The class is properly constructed with warm up, work-out and cool down phases. The exercises particularly address the many changes that have taken place during pregnancy and following birth, helping to correct posture and return you to a pre-pregnancy figure - or better!

Will Pushbabies help me to lose weight?

While you are breastfeeding, losing weight should not be a priority as 600 extra calories are required to fulfil this requirement. But as all first time Mums know, one of the many pleasures about having a baby is meeting new friends and sharing coffee and cake mornings. Pushbabies is a way of doing just this and keeping those unwanted extra pounds from piling on. The body takes time to recover from childbirth – set realistic goals and enjoy your new role as Mum! Pushbabies will help you feel good about yourself and motivate you into action.

If you have any questions please email:

P.A.R.Q. (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) and Contra-indications
You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view/print the form on the link above





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