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About Pauline Crawford and Pushbabies...

Pauline Crawford is a REPS Advanced Level 3
Ante/Post-natal Fitness Instructor, and Yoga Practitioner
with over 20 years’ experience in the Health & Fitness industry.
Pictured here on holiday with her daughter Darcey

I trained and worked as a professional dancer in stage, TV and film productions before 'grape-vining' sideways into the fitness industry. It was a natural progression for me to stand in front of a class and show off! After many years managing Lillie Road Fitness Centre, and Broadway Squash and Fitness (on Hammersmith Broadway) for the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, being responsible for customer service, staff, buildings and ‘the bottom line’, I wanted to work for myself again and have more time for my family. Having already trained and worked as a gym and group fitness instructor, I went on to study Yoga and ante/post natal exercise. I now teach Pushbabies and Yoga classes.

I moved to Barnes when I was pregnant and took part in the de-rigueur postnatal social groups along with all the other new Mums. We really wanted to exercise, but it was such a hassle to organise and taking turns to look after babies or booking a crèche which incurred more expense. When you first have a baby you don’t really want to give it up to someone else to look after anyway! What if somehow we could exercise with our babies? One evening, helped along by a glass of red wine, I had a brainwave! We didn’t need any special equipment – we could use our buggies and take our babies with us – and so Pushbabies was born!

I started Pushbabies classes at the London Wetland Centre in Barnes. Initially I called it Bush Push and put it on at the Centre along with Green Gym activities and Yoga. The Wetland Centre was a perfect venue for Mums and babies - car free, lots to look at and a fabulous café for afterwards. Mums came from as far a field as Wimbledon, Fulham, Brentford, Battersea, Richmond and Teddington.

When I worked fulltime, there was little time to be outside and it always seemed to be dark. I really enjoy the big outdoors, and my enthusiasm is rarely dented now however grey the sky! I found it hugely rewarding because I knew that all the Mums really enjoyed themselves and got something beneficial out of Pushbabies.

Pushbabies took place in all venues by kind permission of the relevant authorities.





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